What to do in Case of Emergency

In the event of a major disaster (fire, earthquake, flood) during school hours, children will be kept at school. They will be released only to previously authorized individuals.

In the event of a lockdown or shelter in place, parents are NOT TO COME TO THE SCHOOL. The Luther Burbank Center will be the meeting place for parents and families unless told otherwise by school officials or the Sheriff.

The exception would be in the event of a serious injury when we would send the child for emergency medical care.

It is absolutely imperative that the Emergency Card and Student Release Card at school be kept current and accurate. If you change your phone number or address, you need to update the school ASAP. It is the primary document used to locate you or the people you’ve designated to pick up your child. Your child will not be released to anyone who is not on this emergency card. ID is required of everyone picking up a student during an emergency.

The school will use social media, school messenger texting, auto call outs from the district and the local radio stations in an emergency to get information to parents.

Make sure that when you come to school you have your ID.  The adults in charge of student release may not know you.

Parent Emergency Guide – English

Parent Emergency Guide – Spanish